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About Sprinkles Mushrooms


Troy Sprinkles-
From Photographer to Farmer.

I spent the first 26 years of my career as a commercial photographer focusing all of my passion on created images for the advertising industry. Then this crazy thing happened, maybe you heard about it, the pandemic? It had a profound effect on me as it did many of us. I laid down my camera gear and picked up a book on mushroom mycelium by Paul Stamets. Yeah the dude from the Netflix documentary Fantastic Fungi. Not only did it light a fire inside me, I would go as far to say as it was a quickening for my soul and a life changing event. I spent the better part of 2 years reading everything he wrote, watching every how to video on YouTube, and finally turning my photography studio into a Fungi Farm!

Yeah, freaking crazy huh? Well crazy like a fox it turns out. It is one of the greatest loves of my professional life. I honed my skills and narrowed my focus on a variety of 9 of the most amazing mushrooms you have ever put in your mouth. So thanks Mr. Stamets, "Your the Dude".

Mushroom Varieties...

Here at Sprinkles Mushrooms we have pulled together a selection of 9 Mushrooms that will expand your pallets and hopefully change your idea that mushrooms are simply a garish. We believe they could very well be the headliner on your next big entrée selection .


Select Your

Fresh Mushrooms

Our Fresh Mushroom are organically grown on a diet of Spring Water and Oak.

Dried Mushrooms

Mushrooms on demand. Our dried mushrooms are the same great quality just with a shelf life.



We offer a Lions Mane Powder that is all organic, all natural, and all 100 % mushrooms.

no additives ever...

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