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Organic Mushroom Farm

Welcome to
Gourmet Mushrooms

Hi, welcome to the Sprinkles Fungi Family!

We are one of the Carolina's premiere Mushroom Farms.

Our mission is to spread accurate information and

good vibes throughout the Fungi community.

I believe we are only at the prefaces of fully understanding

the benefits that mushrooms can bring to us

physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Mushrooms are much more than a mere garnish.


Fungi for Dinner?

We offer a wide selection of wild mushrooms grown in our state of the art facility here in North Carolina.  Sprinkles Mushrooms are all organically grown on a diet of North American Hardwood and Spring Water from the foothills of North Carolina.

“Mushrooms may be just be what the doctor ordered. ”

We should all be moving toward a more plant based diet and healthy lifestyle...


The Fungi

À La Carte Menu

Mushrooms selections based on texture, flavor, and fragrance to help enhance your culinary curiosity.

Mushroom Medley Boxes

Ask about the Farmer's Mix Box of our freshest

Fungi weekly selections.

Seasonal Selects

Some mushrooms like it hot and some do not!

Ask about our seasonal mushrooms harvests.

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